CPD Blogging- The future?

Some questions to consider:

What are your plans to develop blogging?
How will you implement this within your department or year group?
How will you raise the profile of your blog?
How will you get other people from outside involved, e.g. parents?


About St John's ICT

ICT Subject Learning Co-ordinator, responsible for whole school ICT, inteerested in Web 2.0 tools, using iPads and mobile devices, BYOD and connecting students and schools through ICT to enhance Teaching and Learning.

7 responses to “CPD Blogging- The future?”

  1. Nicola says :

    Fieldtrip pages
    Update current blog
    Via VLE link

  2. Eileen-Marie Urwin says :

    I am going to use it to raise awareness of CAFOD. Also to try and raise money for CAFOD by informing people abut my training for the Great North Run.
    Inform and show all classes the blog and how to access it.

  3. J. Hopper says :

    I need to talk to my department to look at the kinds of things we can put onto the blog. I’d probably work on it with one class to trial it out first.

  4. J Somers says :

    1) Link with certain exam groups – Get student change team to promote
    2) Range of year groups
    3) Tweet links. Put on VLE, add in students planners
    4) Tweet blog

  5. S Ebberley says :

    Spend some ‘gain time’ over the coming weeks developing this for classroom practise. Initially with maybe one or two sets this summer, more in September.
    will try to share with dept. over the same period.

    Raising profile – use in class and spread the word!

    Wish me luck!!

  6. Charlotte Davis says :

    I think Blogging is a great information tool to be used.

    Over the summer it would be lovely to try it out and have a holiday blog where we can share where we have been and information about the area, just for a little bit fun and as a training experience for us all.

    If the staff members like it, we could start off a chat with the kids on issues that arise.

  7. mtonks2014 says :

    I think the Department would find blogs useful to use with different year groups and for different occasions such as on residential visits. KS4 and KS5 students could develop the blogs to discuss work. Raising the profile will be easy as students use this type technology all of the time.

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