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What happens when 5th graders run the classroom: A SOLE in action

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Two students in Mr. J's class laugh as they research TK. Photo: Natasha Scripture Two students in Mr. J’s class laugh as they teach themselves about Mercy Otis Warren and the American Revolution. Photo: Natasha Scripture

Eleven-year-olds running a classroom? That could sound outlandish to some elementary school teachers, but not to Joe Jamison, or “Mr. J” as he is affectionately called by his fifth-grade students at Lawrence Intermediate School in central New Jersey.

“I learn from my kids,” says Mr. J, as he dips his hand into a Philadelphia Eagles football helmet — otherwise known as the “helmet of fate” — and pulls out the name of the next group of students to give a presentation on Mercy Otis Warren, an American playwright and poet, not to mention one of the few female propagandists of the American Revolution, which Mr. J’s class is studying.

There is a feeling of excitement in the small classroom, decorated with inspirational quotes and bright educational paraphernalia. The kids sit at…

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Two educators, two very different visions, one question: How can tech help us rethink education in the developing world?

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Take two education activists with very different theories — and give them a chance to work together on a goal they both care about. That’s the thinking in the video above, the kick-off of Microsoft’s new Work Wonders project, which pairs up unlikely collaborators to spark new ideas. Watch as TED Prize winner Sugata Mitra joins forces with TEDx speaker Adam Braun to tackle a bold mission: Use technology to rethink education in severely underserved communities.

They’re a bit of an odd couple. Mitra, who created the School in the Cloud to enable kids to explore questions that matter to them on their own, believes that traditional schools are becoming more and more obsolete; meanwhile Braun, who founded Pencils of Promise to rally communities in the developing world to build schools, believes that traditional classrooms are the answer to opening up opportunity.

Above, watch the first in a series…

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Interesting Ways

CPD Blogging- The future?

Some questions to consider:

What are your plans to develop blogging?
How will you implement this within your department or year group?
How will you raise the profile of your blog?
How will you get other people from outside involved, e.g. parents?

CPD Blogging- Starter Question?

Please write down the reasons why you do not currently use blogging in your classroom.

What are your ideas on how blogging could be used to support students in your subject area or year group?



Interesting Ways- Tom Barrett